Our portfolio spans many building types. The one linking theme is very highest quality, but not by necessity highest cost.

BLDA has a long held expertise in bespoke houses for individual clients in Central London and abroad. Each director is skilled in working closely and personally with individual clients and their families.

The Practice has close working relationships with many British and International Interior Designers. Through our great experience in the specialist nature of these projects we have formed relationships with the most skilful and painstaking contractors and craftsmen. The Practice has always been seen to add value to its projects by its aim to deliver to our clients more than was thought possible.

The Boltons
Cadogan Square
Boltons Place
Hans Place
Upper Phillimore Gardens
Earls Terrace
Oceanic House
Mulberry Walk
Danes Hollow
Worfield Street
Markham Square
Rawlings Street
Templewood Avenue
Trewarthenick House
Cadogan Gardens
Launceston Place
Cadogan Place
Cathcart Road
Chester Street
Cathcart Road
Tranmere Road
Grosvenor Square
Chester Square
Restoration Square
Palace Garden Terrace
The Boltons
Alberta House
Chapel Street
Morn Hill