Senior Team

Dominik Wierzbowski

Associate Director

Daylight, Sunlight & Rights of Light

At BLDA, Dominik is advising property developers, housing associations, private individuals, architects and local planning authorities on the daylight and sunlight and rights of light matters. This involves liaising with architects to ensure that daylight and sunlight compliance with the BRE guidelines is achieved and that at the same time there are no rights of light infringements, devising mitigation strategies to optimise the levels of proposed daylight and sunlight amenity and minimise adverse effects on neighbouring receptors, managing daylight and sunlight discussions with the local planning authorities, organising workshops and attending meetings with planning officers and preparing daylight and sunlight reports or Environmental Statements on large EIA projects.

We work with not only our own architecture clients but also with many of London's leading architecture practices in preparing reports on natural lighting matters.